Autism Hotline 24hr 1300 222 777

Liverpool Office 9601 2844


The following information sheets should be used as a guide only and families should consult with a medical professional for further information.

The information sheets have been written by 3rd year Medical Students from UWS School of Medicine as part of their placement with AASS.

Diagnostic criteria for ASD

Test for Aspergers

Disclaimer: This test is an online guide only. Please seek further assistance from your medical practitioner.

The following resources were written by 3rd year medical students to provide a guide to families:

Communication Strategies Manual

Tips for Taking Your Child with ASD to the Doctor

Medicare Schemes

Medications and Autism

Centrelink Benefits for Disability

Childhood Vaccines

Education For Children with Autism

Medicare Benefits

Major Sponsors

Canterbury Leagues
Liverpool Catholic Club

The Autism Advisory and Support Service (AASS) provides a range of services to support, advocate, help educate and guide families who have a family member with Autism as well as the greater community. Currently operating on donations and CDSE grants, AASS have proudly accomplished the opening of an Autism Community House in Liverpool, a 24 Hour Autism Hotline, Support Groups, Social Groups, Parent Workshops and lots more ...

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