Ben Warner


Young Adult Social Group Coordinator and
Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Group Coordinator

Ben’s lifelong interest in games and social activity and recent entry into education work allows young people to explore in a safe and supportive environment.

Ben has supported young people with autism in school environments as a certified teacher’s aide (SLSO with Education Support Certificate IV) since 2020, connecting with students by understanding how they communicate and translating lesson materials or social dynamics through the things that fascinate or make sense to the young person. He is a self-described nerd, with interests in science, history and numerous pop culture franchises from books, movies, TV series and video games. He is happy to share his interests with young people in engaging and inviting ways, from visits to outdoor spaces to creative hands-on and practical activities.

He sees games and play as genuine equalisers for the participants. His favourite social games are Tabletop Role-playing Games (TTRPGs). He has been playing different editions of Dungeons and Dragons, one of the most popular of these, for over two decades. Through them he has appreciated the value of asking questions, showing understanding, exploring, spotting things perceptively and teamwork. Such games have been used with notable results in schools, and he’s eager to QUEST with more young people and have them appreciate the same values and help make a little more sense of the real world in a safe way.

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