Lina Nashmi


Occupational Therapy Assistant / Family Support Worker 

Lina coordinates the carer support groups for AASS consisting of the Arabic Support Group and the Carers Support Group. She provides support to families from culturally and linguistically diverse background whose access to services may be limited or families just beginning their journey with an autism diagnosis.

During the Carer Support Groups, Lina provides opportunity for families to link up with other families and empower them to access crucial supports. Lina’s ability to interpret Arabic and French languages provides another dimension to ensuring that families are able to communicate meaningfully and have their needs met.

Her compassion and empathy in dealing with families and children with Autism is apparent when you meet her. Her own personal experience of having a child with a diagnosis of autism plays a big role in her being able to assist, advise and support families.

Lina’s Role at AASS has evolved in the last few years. She took on a new role as an Occupational Therapy Assistant and is now providing support to families and children while working as a Key Worker.

Lina works with each family holistically. She works with the child, the child’s family through parent consultations and the child’s therapy team to ensure that goals and priorities are focused on. Lina ensures that the child is guided towards learning important developmental skills in view of evidenced based activities so that the developmental outcomes is optimal as per the child and parent’s therapy goals.

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