Discover “Meeting In The Music” CD: A Must-Have for Music Therapy and Education

Are you a music therapist, music teacher, or educator working with special needs children? “Meeting In The Music” CD is a wonderful resource designed especially for you! Perfect for preschoolers and early primary school students, this CD is packed with engaging songs that go beyond just beating drums and playing bells.

Why “Meeting In The Music” is Special

The songs on this CD are crafted to help students:

  • Gain Control: Children learn to manage their movements and actions through rhythmic activities.
  • Develop Coordination: Playing instruments and following along with the music improves their hand-eye coordination.
  • Display Awareness: The interactive songs encourage kids to be mindful of their surroundings and peers.
  • Gain Social Skills: Music is a fantastic way to foster communication and collaboration among children.

Not Just Music, It’s Development

Each track on “Meeting In The Music” is more than just a fun tune. It’s a tool for growth. Whether it’s the sound of cymbals or the ringing of bells, every beat helps students make strides in their physical and social development.

Special June Offer

For the month of June, we’re offering a special 30% discount on the “Meeting In The Music” CD. Don’t miss this chance to add a valuable resource to your toolkit. Purchase your copy today and let’s “Meet in the Music” together!

How to Purchase

Visit our website to grab your discounted copy. Enhance your music therapy sessions, classroom activities, and special education programs with “Meeting In The Music” CD.

Let’s make learning fun and effective with the power of music. Get your copy now!

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