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Autism 24hr Hotline 1300 222 777

Liverpool Office 9601 2844
NDIS Accredited

Our Mission

Empowering children and adults with Autism and their families through knowledge and support

Our Objectives

  1. To advise and assist children with Autism and their families
  2. To provide support and information to parents of children with Autism
  3. To do this at a free, or nominal price for families affected by Autism
  4. To engage relevant stakeholders that can make a valid contribution to the development of service and facilities for children with Autism and their families
  5. To be a source of information of Autism services.
  6. To seek funding to sustain development of Autism Advisory and Support Service.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Authenticity
  • Community
  • Passion
  • Responsiveness
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