Learning About Money the Fun Way: Exploring the World of Pocket Money

Hey there, parents and curious minds! Have you heard about Pocket Money? It’s not just a game; it’s a super cool way for people of all ages to learn about money while having a blast! Let’s dive into this fantastic game that’s all about coins, notes, purchases, and saving up to be the first to win big!

What’s Pocket Money All About?

Imagine a game that’s like a magical journey into the world of money. In Pocket Money, players get to explore how money works. They learn that money isn’t just something grown-ups use; it’s a tool for buying things they love!

How Does It Work?

The game brings real money concepts into play. Players get to use coins and notes to buy items and make change—just like in a real store! It’s like having a tiny shop right at home. They earn money and exchange it for cool things they want. The best part? The first to win $50.00 wins the game! 🏆

Realistic Money Experience

Get this: the notes in Pocket Money are made of special synthetic paper that won’t tear easily. So no worries about crumpled bills! And the coins? They’re made of top-quality ABS plastic, just like the real deal. Great tool for children to get a hands-on experience with money that feels real and durable.

Why It’s Awesome

Pocket Money is not just about having fun; it’s about learning important stuff too! Young ones can learn that money isn’t just magically available—it’s earned. They understand the value of coins and notes and how to use them wisely. Plus, it teaches about giving change, a super handy skill!

Why Parents Love It

As a parent, you’ll adore how Pocket Money educates your children about money in a playful way. It’s a safe space for them to grasp financial concepts early on, setting them up for a smart money mindset in the future. Plus, it’s a game that brings the whole family together for some quality time.

So, if you’re looking for an engaging way for your children to understand the ins and outs of money without the stress, Pocket Money is your go-to game! It’s fun, educational, and helps everyone learn the value of money.

Get ready to watch those little ones become money masters while having a blast! 🌟

And….. if you’re up for the challenge? Pocket Money 2 takes the money learning experience to a whole new level!

What’s New in Pocket Money 2?

In this upgraded version, the game board is a hub of action with four common activities: EARN, SPEND, CHOICE, and E-BANK. It’s like a mini financial universe where kids get to experience the ins and outs of handling money in exciting ways!

So, if you’re ready to level up your child’s money game and make learning an adventure, Pocket Money games are your ticket to excitement and financial smarts! Both these games can be purchased online or in store at Autism Advisory Support Service– your one stop shop for social skills games, educational resources and everything SENSORY!!!

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