Looking for Somewhere Nice to go?

Looking for Somewhere Nice to go?

Have you heard the exciting news? Autism Advisory & Support Service have opened their very first OPportunity Shop and Cafe called… SOMEWHERE NICE!

Somewhere Nice is a purpose-driven social enterprise dedicated to forging a brighter future for Australians with disabilities. Our core mission revolves around reinvesting our profits to generate employment and training opportunities specifically tailored for people with disabilities. When you choose to support us through your purchases, you are directly contributing to the growth of a more inclusive society, fostering a better future for everyone involved.

Our ultimate vision is to empower individuals with disabilities and pave the way towards a more equitable and compassionate society. We firmly believe that establishing inclusive workplaces is the cornerstone of achieving such a future. By creating an environment where people with disabilities can develop their skills and pursue fulfilling careers, we aim to dismantle barriers and promote greater inclusivity across all aspects of life. Together, we can build a society that embraces diversity and ensures equal opportunities for all.



As we depend on donations, we gratefully accept items in New, Good & Used condition. All proceeds generated from these contributions go directly towards supporting our training programs. Your support is deeply appreciated, as it enables us to make a positive impact in the lives of those in our community.


We are constantly seeking new volunteers to join our team. Whether you can spare a few hours or a few days each week, every contribution makes a significant impact. For more information & for a volunteer package please email info@aass.org.au


If you would like more information on our TAFE Work Prep Connect Program, please contact info@aass.org.au

We hope to see you soon for a sip and a shop!

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