Ark’s Weighted Pencil Set (RED)


Sensory tools are designed to support the sensory preferences of individuals, to support regulation and participation in daily activities. This allows children and adults to receive the just right amount of taste, touch, smell, balance and motion, deep pressure and body awareness sensation that they need.

Ark’s Weighted Pencil Set (RED)


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ARK’s Weighted Pencil Set is an effective way to add extra sensory input to the hand during handwriting tasks.  Extra weight provides increased sensory input and proprioceptive feedback to the hand, which can help increase focus, normalize writing speed, increase hand strength and dexterity, and/or decrease the grip force.  A sensory win-win-win!  The pencil weights also double as a hand fidget – twist the weights back and forth on the stem to keep the hands busy and the mind focused.  Highly recommended for individuals with sensory integration issues and/or poor fine motor control.

  • Each set comes with: 1 threaded base, 3 stainless steel weights that thread on to the base, and an eraser-less pencil
  • Customize the weight to your liking/needs – Use all 3 at once for the heaviest weight, or remove all but 1 for a lighter-weight feel. 
  • Best used with an eraser-less pencil (each set comes with 1 eraser-less pencil). 
  • Choose your base color option from the pull-down menu above.

Made in the USA Made in the USA 

Caution Caution: this kit contains small parts that may pose a choking hazard.  NOT for children under 3 years.  Recommended for 5 years and up under adult supervision.



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