Secret Business of Relationships, Love And Sex


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Secret Business of Relationships, Love And Sex


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The Secret Business of Relationships, Love and Sex™ is a valuable sexuality educational resource that prepares young people for the physical, emotional and social aspects of their emerging sexuality.

This book provides essential information for all young people navigating relationships during the teen years.

‘The Secret Business of Relationships, Love and Sex™’ include:

Relationship topics:

  • Healthy friendships.
  • Romantic feelings.
  • Sexual diversity and gender identity.
  • Emotional and physical safety.

These crucial topics are also covered:

  • Conception, pregnancy and birth.
  • Sexual decision-making.
  • Contraception
  • Unplanned pregnancy.
  • Sexually transmitted infections.
  • Consent, sex and the law.

Information is presented in a sensitive but open manner. Young people are encouraged to think about possible future issues and decision making. This sexuality education book provides an impetus for discussion about sensitive topics in a practical way. It minimizes embarrassment and allows for thoughtful communication.

This book is an important and valuable puberty and sexuality resource for all young people. It provides essential knowledge for those who are about to embark on romantic, loving and sexual relationships.

‘The Secret Business of Relationships, Love and Sex™’ is a fantastic educational resource for girls, boys, families, carers, teachers and community health educators. It prepares young people for this new phase in their lives.


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