Stretchy Spaghetti Ball


Sensory tools are designed to support the sensory preferences of individuals, to support regulation and participation in daily activities. This allows children and adults to receive the just right amount of taste, touch, smell, balance and motion, deep pressure and body awareness sensation that they need.

Stretchy Spaghetti Ball


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  • Comes in 4 different colours: Blue, Green, Orange and Red.
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for most ages: the spaghetti ball fidget tool is soft and elastic, so you can stretch the colored lines of it in different directions or throw it at will, suitable for people of most ages who need to relieve stress and relax
  • Relieve anxiety: you can stretch, pull, coil or rotate these fidget string noodles sensory toys, helping increase patience, relax the mood 
  • An alternative to twirling or playing with hair


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