Weighted Snappy Band


Sensory tools are designed to support the sensory preferences of individuals, to support regulation and participation in daily activities. This allows children and adults to receive the just right amount of taste, touch, smell, balance and motion, deep pressure and body awareness sensation that they need.

Weighted Snappy Band


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Experience the magic of Snappy Bands – Snakes in Various Colours! Designed to instantly grab attention, these wrist bands snap on effortlessly for a fun and fashionable sensory experience. With the combination of sleek sequins and a range of vibrant snake-inspired colors, Snappy Bands offer a unique way to express your personal style.

Ideal for individuals who appreciate a touch of flair in their accessories, Snappy Bands provide a delightful sensory experience while staying on-trend. Whether you’re a fashionista looking for a statement piece or someone who seeks sensory stimulation, these bands are designed to captivate and engage your senses.

Discover the perfect Snappy Band to match your outfit or mood. From bold reds and blues to shimmering silver and gold, our wide variety of colors ensures there’s a band for everyone. The intriguing sequins add an extra layer of excitement, creating a visual spectacle that’s sure to turn heads.

Made with the highest quality materials, Snappy Bands are built to last and provide ongoing satisfaction. We understand that comfort is key, which is why our bands are designed to fit snugly without compromising on style or functionality. Adjust them to your desired tightness and revel in a comfortable, fashion-forward experience.

Unlock your personal style and indulge in the world of Snappy Bands – Snakes in Various Colours. Join countless others who have found their ultimate wrist accessory and experience the perfect combination of sensory delight and fashionable expression.


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