Service NSW trial ‘Quiet Hour’ for those with sensory sensitivities

If the overwhelming thought of bright lights, loud music and sounds puts you off then you will be please to know that from mid June 2022, Service NSW will begin trialing a ‘quiet hour’ in selected Service Centres to help better support customers living with a disability.

For one hour each week, participating Service Centres will, where possible, have dimmed lighting, music turned down and mobile phones on silent mode to make visits less overwhelming for customers.

The pilot will take place around mid-June in eight regional and metro Service NSW Centres. This is a fantastic initiative that truly makes it easier for customers. 

Service NSW Edmondson Park has been selected to be a part of this initiative. They will be running quiet hour within the Service Centre every Tuesday from 9:30am to 10:30am, commencing June 21 2022.  

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