The Art of Woodturning

It is estimated that wood turning has been practiced from as early as the 6th century BC with evidence of turned ornaments for hairpins, beads and flat wooden dishes to name a few. Yet this amazing art form seems to have been forgotten.

Until now…

Jimmy, a young man diagnosis with ASD at the age of 6, has been woodturning since turning 14. He has built up his own small business and attends a number local markets where he sells his unique and popular creations. Each piece is turned, sanded and finished by hand…. something that take so much time and dedication all of which you can see in his work.

Jimmy belongs to a local wood turning club where he first learnt this fascinating craft and has been a supporter of Autism Advisory & Support Service for many years.

Here Jimmy presents our CEO Grace Fava OAM with an amazing clock he recently made.

Jimmy will be selling his beautiful items at the LOTS Family Gala Day on September 10th at Cathy Freeman Park, Homebush.

We hope all those in attendance will stop by Jimmy’s stall to say hello and to see first hand how remarkable his work is.

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